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The Video Team:


Our Team:

  • Austrian Team
    • Dominik Feckter
    • Daniel Kiesenhofer
    • Peter Fritz
    • Andreas Schafelner
    • Philipp Tauber
    • Gregor König
    • Matthias Ableidinger
    • Christian Rippatha
    • Denis Schützenhofer
    • Manuel Undesser
  • Hungarian Team
    • Dávid Fehér
    • Dániel Kocsa
    • Gábor Nagy
    • Erik Horváth
    • László Kondor

Our Targets:

  • Daily Life video both from Hungary and Video
    Two videos about how life is for a student at the HTL Perg and the Wigner Jenö school

  • Journey Documentation
    Taking photos and videos during the two visits and publish them

  • Group Presentation Video
    Each group had to present them and their activities in a short video

  • Video for the Audio team
    A short video for the Audio team to present their results.

The videos we made during the visits can be found at the summary of each day. Right here we want to present both the Austrian and the Hungarian daily life video and also a short "fail movie", made by the Hungarian team, about some nice moments during their visit in Austria.