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Team GISS:

From left to right:

Zsolt Oláh, Bence Bóka (hungarian leader), Wolfgang Lumetsberger, John Michael, Patrick Aigner

Ádám Horváth, Sabine Winkler (austrian leader), Tanja Schöberl, Thomas Marksteiner, Cornelia Kunze, Kevin Voss, Patrick Käferböck

Viktor Varga, Peter Betembuk, Bernhard Schäfl, Stefan Wurm

The objectives of our project “General Information School Systems” are:

- Collecting basic information about HTBLA Perg and Wigner Jenő Secondary School

  • Curriculum (list of subjects)
  • Education/jobs after school
  • Link list of the schools in the local surroundings
  • A-level chart
  • Special subjects
  • School system


- Summary of the most important facts and figures about the schools